Our Polices are also on the home page! 


📌 We are an online only boutique that has been open since 2018. We operate on social media and through our website

Almost everything we have is pre-order only, unless we post extra in stock items. Even though we don’t get to meet our customers face to face, we still treat each customer as if you were in front of us and give you the best personal experience as we possibly can. We want all our customers to know we appreciate them and to return shopping with us.


HOURS: Monday- Friday 9am to 6pm

Weekends- closed

This is our customer service hours as far as responding to messages. We turn our notifications off after hours until the following business day. This is so we can have our family time!



We post items daily and the links to be able to shop for them on our website. You can always order with us through the website or you can comment your orders and email for an invoice. Whichever is easiest for you, works for us😊


WEEKLY DROPS: We post many items daily that are always available to order at anytime. Our weekly drops are posted on Mondays. We have an adult weekly drop with regular and plus sizes. We also have a kids weekly drop posted the same day. These items are available until the following Sunday 10pm central time. Sunday night these items are removed and the new weekly drops are posted. However the last day of the month we make every item from each week available again for 24 hours in case you missed out and then they are taken back off. These items are drop shipped directly to you from our supplier. We have albums just for those on the website.


TURNAROUND TIMES: All items on our website or that we post are 14-21 business day arrival time unless stated otherwise. Business days do not include weekends or holidays. We place orders every Friday night and that’s when your turnaround time begins. For example if you order on a Monday, keep in mind your order goes in on Friday and your turnaround time starts then and not from Monday. This is so we can stay organized and have a better time frame for our customers. The only exceptions would be is if items go on back order and take a little longer, mail delays, or holiday delays. We try to avoid delays but in these situations we sometimes can’t control what happens. We then will reach out to these customers letting them know there is a delay and what to expect. It’s very important to subscribe to our emails on the website so you can always receive these updates.


SHIPPING: We use USPS for all of our shipping. The cost of your shipping is determined by them depending on your items, weights, and location. We always ship out PRIORITY even though it is more expensive, so we can have insurance on your packages. In the case of your package getting damaged or lost when it leaves our hands we want us and you to be covered. Priority shipping is 2 day shipping, but please keep in mind that’s from us to you after we receive your package from supplier. You still have to wait the turnaround time. We always ship out the same day we receive your items. We want you to receive your packages as soon as possible.


CANCELLING ORDERS/REFUNDS: Once your order is placed it cannot be cancelled. This is because when you place your order and it’s sent to our suppliers and we pay them, we can’t be refunded. So refunding you would cost us and we would be stuck with items we aren’t guaranteed to resale. We do not offer cash refunds either. If you need to cancel an order, exchange sizes, etc then it will be issued as store credit. You can use your store credit for any other items or swap out sizes. You will be required to pay the shipping to ship the original item back to us, since we will have to pay shipping again to send new item.


QUESTIONS/UPDATES: There is 3 ways to contact us with any questions or concerns. We have the chat box on website, you can private message us on here, or email us at dtbcustomerhelp@

Please always allow us up to 24 hours  to respond to you as there are only two of us that both have families and busy schedules. We always do our best to answer fast, but we do receive many messages daily. Also remember if it isn’t during business hours, you will always be answered the following business day.


We are so very grateful for everyone who has shopped with us or will shop with us❤️ you are supporting a dream and my family and i will forever be thankful!